Buijs Advice & Consultancy BV

Buijs Advice & Consultancy BV is a fully independent company based on >25 years of experience in Chemical Industry and Academia.

Chemical Industry Competences:

  1. Lead finding & optimization Research
  2. Conceptual Process Development
  3. Pilot planting
  4. Optimizing Existing Processes
  5. Solving Product Quality Issues
  6. Process Economics
  7. Strategic Advice on Process and Product Introduction to the Market

Molecular Modeling

Molecular Simulations have become a key-competence in many of the above mentioned areas. Molecular Modeling strongly reduces Research & DevelopmentĀ  time and cost up to 80%, by:

  • Fast screening of all initial options,
  • Selecting and optimizing the most promising leads,
  • Limiting costly experimental work
  • Delivering quantitative engineering data for all unit operations.

Customer Needs

Different formats are available to serve customers.

  • Consultancy
  • Contract Research
  • Professional Training on the use of Molecular Modeling
  • Advice on appropriate Software and Hardware