1. Workshop Molecular Modeling Woudschoten Chemie Conferentie 2015 ( (Workshop Molecular modeling Woudschoten 2015 WB.pdf)
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Process Development and Optimisation

1. Removal of Mg-impurity from hydrated Ni-sulfates (ChemEngSci_2015.pdf)
2. Isosorbide a renewable feedstock (Catal-Sci-Technol-2014-4-152-163.pdf)
3. CO2 dyeing gets commercial roll-out (DyeCoo-story.pdf, Application-of-Molecular-Modeling-in-the-Optimization-of-Reactive-Cotton-Dyeing.pdf)
4. Simultaneous preparation of Nylon-6 polymers with two different viscosities, and fast depolymerisation of Nylon-6 to caprolactam (EP 00201422.3)


5. School Chemistry Vs. Chemistry in Research: An Exploratory Experiment (Journal of Science Education and Technology Vol. 10 No. 3 2001.pdf)
6. Visualization and interactivity in the teaching of chemistry to science and non-science students (Chem. Educ. Res. Pract., 2009, 10, 62–69)
7. Using Molecular Dynamics Simulation To Reinforce Student Understanding of Intermolecular Forces (Odyssey_Article)